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PIPS™ use the powerful properties of brown algae (also known as seaweed) to create a tasty and delicious snack that is full of antioxidants and nutrients from the fruits we know and love. Oh...and all that healthy stuff comes in the form of squishable and squeezable orbs that make eating healthy oh so fun! 

PIPS™ are more than just a snack. PIPS™ are a sensory experience that show kids that healthy eating can be delicious (and playful)!


Orange &

PIPS™ Orange & Peach...what a treat! Delight little taste buds with a fantastic tropical pairing. These orange bubbles will bring a sunny surprise to any snack time. 

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Strawberry & Watermelon

Any snack time can become a picnic with PIPS™ Strawberry & Watermelon bubbles. Satisfy your child's sweet tooth with a healthy supply of nutrients and antioxidants from strawberries and watermelon. It is summertime somewhere! 

Strawberry and Watermelon (with Background).png

Raspberry & 

Raspberries and blueberries...oh my! Berries are full of powerful healthy nutrients that keep your child playing all day long. Ready for a power up? Add a few PIPS™ to your bag for hungry bellies on-the-go! 

Raspberry and blueberry (with background).png